Company Name: Yan Thai (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Incorporation Year: 1977
Location: Hong Kong
Field: Electrical and audio testing equipment and solutions

Whether you are a research student, an educator, a lab technician or an entrepreneur, sometimes finding the right equipment for your project can be a time consuming and frustrating process.

Looking through a vast selection of brands and models, the equipment you may want can turned out not suitable due to confusing marketing materials. You will need to factor in the quality and accuracy of the equipment, as well as software support and compatibility with you existing equipment. When the equipment arrived, you may discover you need an additional option or an accessory in order to work, causing you a few more weeks of delay to order the missing items.

We believe this process should be simpler and more effective.

Our extensive network and long-term relationships with world renounced manufacturers and users provided us to the knowledge and access the support of quality equipment to provide optimum solutions for research & development, manufacturing and quality control industries.

With our team of dedicated FAE and entrepreneurs, we understand the issues you may face on both technical side and budgetary side.

Our mission is to help you and other talented engineers to achieve your most ambitious goals by providing you with the tools and support you need. As the official distributor of the brands we represent, you will be guaranteed to receive quality equipment with continuous support at a discounted rate.

Contact us at now to discuss with us. Our engineers are available to talk over the phone as well as arrange a site visit to your location to provide you with the best solution.


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Years of Experience

Through our past experience, our team of engineers can provide the latest solutions that fit your requirement.

Official Distributor

All equipment we provided are guaranteed to be in their best quality, with certificate and warranty from manufacturers.

Onsite Demo

Interested in a product but would like to see will it fit your needs? We can arrange a demo to teach and show you how to operate the equipment.

Free Local Delivery

All items that are sold within our region (Hong Kong) are enlighten to free ground delivery to any location (within Hong Kong).