SINCE 1977

Incorporated in 1977, our company is in business for nearly 40 years old. We stands with a solid reputation in the testing equipment industry that you can count on. Our mission is to develop and market products in electrical testing instrumental technology. We have a team of dedicated entrepreneurs with in-depth knowledge of technology trends and experienced engineer leading the company. With our extensive networks by various worldwide best manufacturers, we provide the optimum solution of testing instruments that suit for manufacturing. research & development, and quality control industries. We all continuously develop new source for the best instrumentation to meet the competing world nowadays.


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Years of Experience

Through our past experience, our team of engineers can provide the latest solutions that fit your requirement.

Official Distributor

All equipment we provided are guaranteed to be in their best quality, with certificate and warranty from manufacturers.

Onsite Demo

Interested in a product but would like to see will it fit your needs? We can arrange a demo to teach and show you how to operate the equipment.

Free Local Delivery

All items that are sold within our region (Hong Kong) are enlighten to free ground delivery to any location (within Hong Kong).