50 MHz, ±5600V, 2300 V CAT I; 1000 V CAT III, TekProbe®


The P5210A has one of the largest differential dynamic range capability from Tektronix, allowing users to safely measure of ±5600 V. This probe is supplied with two sizes of hook tips and have an overrange visual and audible indicator which warns the user when they are exceeding the linear range of the probe.

Key performance specifications

  • 50 MHz Bandwidth
  • ±5600 V differential (DC + pk AC)
  • Up to 2300 V common (RMS)
Key features
  • Overrange Indicator
  • Safety Certified
  • Switchable Attenuation
  • Switchable bandwidth limit
  • Floating measurements
  • Switching power supply design
  • Motor drive design
  • Electronic ballast design
  • CRT display design
  • Power converter design and service
  • Power device evaluation
  • TekProbe® interface
  • The P52xxA Series probes are equipped with the Tektronix TekProbe® interface which communicates scale information to the oscilloscope. Direct connections can be made to oscilloscopes configured with the TekProbe® interface or to any oscilloscope when used with the 1103 TekProbe® Power Supply.


All specifications are guaranteed unless noted otherwise. All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise.

The P5210A uses the TekProbe® interface.
Attenuation 100X / 1000X
Differential Voltage 1000X: ±5600 V
100X: ±560 V
Common Mode Voltage ±5600V
Maximum Input Voltage-to-Earth 2300 V CAT I
1000 V CAT III
Bandwidth 50 MHz
Differential Input Impedance 40 MΩ || 2.5 pF
Input Impedance between each Input and Ground 20 MΩ || 5 pF
Typical CMRR DC: >80 dB
100 kHz: >60 dB
3.2 MHz: >40 dB
50 MHz: >30 dB
Cable Length 1.8 m