Tektronix MDO4000C Series

6–in–1 Versatility PLUS High Performance in One Powerful Oscilloscope

The new MDO4000C includes up to six built-in instruments, each with exceptional performance to address tough challenges. Every MDO4000C features powerful triggering, search and analysis, and these are the only scopes to offer synchronized analog, digital and RF signal analysis at the same time -- ideal for wireless communications in IoT and EMI troubleshooting.

The MDO4000C is completely customizable and fully upgradable. Add the instruments you need now – or later. A new Total Protection Plan is available to protect your investment, even from accidental damage.



20 Mpoint record length Acquire more time while maintaining resolution to zoom in on fine signal details.
Wave Inspector® Navigation Navigate long records easily with intuitive front-panel controls. Automatically search to find and mark every occurrence of an event.
FastAcq fast waveform capture Identify glitches and other infrequent transient signals quickly with more than 340,000 waveforms/s. Understand events of interest with the color-graded display.
4 analog channels – optional 16 digital and 1 RF channel Synchronized analysis of analog, digital, and RF signals for easy system-level troubleshooting. Trigger on any channel.
Integrated spectrum analyzer with wide capture bandwidth Accurately analyze RF signals with -65 dBc (typical) dynamic range and up to 6 GHz frequency range. Up to 3.75 GHz ultra-wide capture bandwidth to see your entire spectrum at the same time.
Advanced RF analysis withSignalVu-PC Vector Signal Analysis Software Enables Bluetooth and WLAN (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/p/ac) signal quality analysis, pulse analysis, audio measurements, AM/FM/PM modulation analysis, general purpose digital modulation and more.
Integrated arbitrary/function generator Always have a built-in 50 MHz function generator close at hand. Easily capture real signals, edit them, and replay them with tight integration between your oscilloscope and 128 kpoint arbitrary waveform generator.
Integrated logic analyzer Debug the digital portions of your designs with timing resolution down to 60.6 ps. Trace system timing issues with broader system visibility.
Serial bus triggering and analysis Automates triggering and decode on up to three serial buses at once. Save time locating events of interest and avoid hand-translating bits.
Integrated digital voltmeter and frequency counter Free with product registration! Enables quick measurements of DC voltage, AC+DC RMS, AC RMS and frequency.
Upgradeability Upgrades are available to analog bandwidth, spectrum analyzer arbitrary function generator, digital channels (MSO), serial trigger and analysis packages, and more – ensuring usefulness for years to come.