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EMI EMC Test Equipment

Com-Power specializes in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility commonly referred to as EMC. Com-Power make variety of products related to noise; their equipment will help you find, measure and suppress noise in your products. Com-Power test equipment can be used to meet the regulatory requirements for EMC or just to make your products work better. It is Com-Power's goal to provide the finest products as well as the best support. 



Year Founded: 1989

Origin: Southern California, USA

pecialty: EMI & EMC Test Equipment


Com-Power is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement instrumentation for electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC). Com-Power emphasis has been to offer users the most comprehensive selection of EMC test equipment in the market at a reasonable price. This helps users spend more time solving the EMC problem and less time shopping for test equipment.

Products Range

Com-Power offer an extended range of EMC and EMI instrument including:

Absorbing Clamps, Antennas, CDNs, Comb Generators, Current Probes and Test Fixtures, Emissions System, EM Clamps, Immunity System, ISNs, LISNs, Magnetic Field Generator, Masts, Near Field Probes, Power Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, Spectrum Analyzers, Surge Generators, System Controllers, Telecom Analyzer, Telecom Test System, Transient Limiters, Tripods and Turntables


EMC and EMI Testing and Measurement

Compliance Testing

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