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Everbeing Products

Everbeing products specialty in probe stations, micropositioners and probing tip. They provide high quality and affordable solutions for your probing needs from DC to RF, low to high temperature, low to high current/voltage.

Probe Stations


Everbeing’s probe stations uses modular solution approach, which can be customized a single station to combine your applications into a single package to suit your every application need.

Probe Tips


Everbeing's probe tips are versatile with choice of different material hardness, diameter, and geometry that can fit perfectly with your requirements.

Four Point Probe


Everbeing’s four point probe uses the four co-linear probes on contact to determine the sheet resistance of your wafer or thin films. 



Everbeing’s micropositioner (or micromanipulator) offer precise mechanical movement for probing or moving apparatus at the micron or sub-micron level, linearly driven motion in all 3 individual axes.


These micropositioner are designed to be compatible with Everbeing's own probes stations, as well as other brand stations.

Tip Holders


Everbeing offers three different mount types of tip holders which can be integrated with three different connection types for DC measurement. RF measurement holders is also available.

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