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Everbeing x Yan Thai

Yan Thai has partnered up with Everbeing.

We provide both sales and technical support on Everbeing probe stations, probe tips and accessories.



Year Founded: 1991

Origin: Taiwan

Specialty: Probe stations, Micropositioner, Probing Tips

Everbeing is well know for their high quality and affordable probe stations. They develops and manufactures their own line of probe stations and micropositioners. Everbeing continued to improve and innovate their products to drive research in wafer production, characterization and yield, and proven their products are highly reliable with best price-performance ratio compared to competitors.

Everbeing currently secured 70% of the market share of manual probe stations in Taiwan. Continuing on, they have expanded to other regions in Asia and built a solid coverage in this market with notable influence in China and India. From mid-2000 and onward, their products have become more widely known in the American and European market.

Products Range

Probe Station
Probing Tips

Tip Holders

4 Point Probe

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