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Rohde & Schwarz RTE1000 Series

Rohde & Schwarz RTE1000 Series

Truly uncompromized in performance


R&S®RTE1000 oscilloscopes offer a fully integrated multi-domain test solution with time, frequency, protocol and logic analysis functions. From embedded design development to power electronics analysis to general debugging, the R&S®RTE1000 handles everyday T&M challenges quickly, accurately and easily.

I    Up to 16-bit vertical resolution
I    200 Msample deep memory to analyze long sequences
I    Quickly find signal faults with 1 million waveforms/s
I    Touch-optimized operation

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More confidence in measurement results

  • Precise measurements due to very low inherent noise
  • Single-core A/D converter and up to 16-bit vertical resolution
  • Full measurement bandwidth, even at 500 μV/div
  • High time resolution combined with deep memory
  • Finding rare signal faults quickly thanks to one million waveforms/s
  • Accurate triggering with a digital trigger system

More fun to use

  • High-resolution touchscreen
  • Fully customizable display
  • Fast access to important tools
  • Signal details at your fingertip
  • Fast access to instrument setups
  • Documentation at the push of a button

More functions and faster results

  • Automatic measurements: 77 functions available
  • QuickMeas: key measurement results at the push of a button
  • History function: looking back in time
  • Mask test: settings in only seconds
  • FFT function: the easy way to analyze the signal spectrum
  • Search and navigation: focus on details
  • Math functions: calculations made easy
  • Reference waveforms: fast comparisons

Engineered for multi-domain challenges

  • Logic analysis: fast and precise testing of embedded designs
  • Serial protocols: easy triggering and decoding
  • Power analysis
  • Spectrum analysis
  • EMI debugging: testing during development
  • Integrated arbitrary waveform generator
  • High definition: see more with 16-bit vertical resolution