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Tektronix TBS2204B

Tektronix TBS2204B

Tektronix Entry Level Oscilloscope

Channels: 4 Analog

Bandwidth: 200 MHz

Sample Rate: 2 GS/s - Half Channel; 1 GS/s - All Channels

Record Length: 5 M points

The TBS2000B Series of Oscilloscopes with a 9-inch WVGA display, 5 million point record length and 2 GS/s sample rate, capture and display significantly more signal to help you debug and validate the designs faster. Easily and confidently analyze your signals with new onwaveform cursor readouts and 32 automated measurements, each with informative tips. The TekVPI® probe interface supports traditional passive BNC probes, but also enables wide application coverage with the latest active voltage probes and current probes.


See more, in a big way.


When you see more signal, you find anomalies faster. With an impressive 9-inch WVGA display and 15 horizontal divisions —allowing you to see 50% more signal—the TBS2000B digital storage oscilloscope not only helps you see the big picture, it gives you a clearer picture. A 5-million point record length lets you capture long time windows with higher timing resolution. Plus, the updated front-panel waveform navigation controls let you can easily pan and zoom through long records.


Measure accurately, easily and automatically.

The TBS2000B digital storage oscilloscope is loaded with easy-to-use features. The new front end design with higher 2GS/s sample rate offers lower noise and higher effective bits for more accurate measurements. With 32 automated measurements, you can measure the most commonly-needed parameters easily and more accurately. Analyze your signals with new on-waveform cursor readouts - just like a textbook.


NEW features and options make the best scopes better

  • 5M point record length, 200 MHz bandwidth, and 2GS/s sample rate capture and display significantly more signal to debug and validate designs faster.
  • New lower noise front end design offers lower random noise, better signal integrity and more accurate measurements.
  • TekVPI™ probe interface supports wide range of active, differential, and current probes with automatic scaling and units.
  • On-waveform cursor readouts with search and mark features enable easy identification of events that occur in the acquired waveform.
  • Educators can disable the autoset, cursors, and automated measurements to facilitate teaching basic concepts.
  • Bandwidth is field-upgradeable.


Share more, with ease.

The TBS2000B is the first oscilloscope with Wi-Fi support via a USB Wi-Fi dongle. It also has 2 USB host ports and 100-BaseT Ethernet port, making it easy to share measurements and collaborate—with your lab partner or across the globe. Plus, the included software lets you easily connect to your PC to grab screen images and analyze data.


More probes. More applications.

The TekVPI™ probe interface sets the standard for ease of use in probing. In addition to supporting standard BNC probes, it also allows you to use the latest-generation active voltage and current probes. TekVPI enables communication between the TBS2000B and the latest current and differential voltage probes, simplifying measurement setups and extending your range of applications.



  • Automatically communicate scale factors to the oscillscope.
  • Probe guidance such as open-jaw errors, offset settings and degauss requirements are presented on oscilloscope display.
  • No external power supply is required to power the probe.


A powerful learning tool.

With the TBS2000B students can take a hands-on approach, thanks to features that make learning engineering fundamentals easier.



  • HelpEverywhere offers instant tips - including measurement information, application tips, and general guidance in the form of text and graphics - as you navigate through key menus.
  • TekSmart Lab™ network software helps instructors set up and monitor many instruments from one PC.
  • Courseware ecosystem lets instructors load information into the TBS2000B, to help students during labs.
  • Autoset, cursors, and automated measurements can be disabled to facilitate teaching basic concepts


Get oscilloscope waveform analysis capabilities right on your PC

Analyze waveforms anywhere, anytime with TekScope PC analysis software. Educators and engineers alike will appreciate the ability to measure and control waveform data from any location and share with remote colleagues and classmates.

  • Recall and view waveforms, perform cursor and automated measurements, create time trends, histograms and spectrum views for free in the base package
  • Use as teaching / learning aid to for Oscilloscopes and basic signal analysis
  • Perform basic instrument control, waveform transfer, analysis and protocol decode on a TBS1000C / TBS2000B oscilloscope with TEKSCOPE-ENTRY license


Accidents happen. Make sure you're protected.

We have the only plan in the industry to offer coverage for accidental damage. Yes, this includes screen damage, spills, broken mounts, and electrostatic discharge or electronic overstress events. Reduce unplanned repair or replacement costs with our Total Protection Plan. Watch the video or click below to learn more.


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